Accident Plans

Nobody plans to be in an accident, but when it happens, medical bills can start adding up fast. Accident insurance plans help with the unexpected out-of-pocket costs that can hurt the family budget when accidents happen – like ER visits and hospitalization.

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Cancer Plans

These plans are designed to protect individuals and families from the damage that cancer can do both physically and financially. Cancer plans can help with the treatment costs of cancer as well as costs not covered by major medical, such as out-of-pocket medical expenses or travel.

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Hospital Plans

Most major medical insurance is not designed to cover all hospitalization costs, and when a hospital stay is necessary, the immediate cost of care can be more than many people are prepared for. Hospital insurance plans can help to cover those unforeseen costs.

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Dental Plans

It's no secret that routine dental care leads to good health, which reduces the risk of medical conditions that are complicated by poor oral health. We offer a wide range of dental plans that fit your need and budget.

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Vision Plans

Vision insurance plans work like a health insurance plan. Plans offer coverage for services like: Eye Examination, Vision Correction, Specific Eye Diseases/Disorders. The eyes aren’t just the windows to your souls; they’re the windows to your overall health. Aside from maintaining good vision and detecting conditions such as glaucoma, eye exams can also reveal other serious conditions.

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